About Me


 Food is my Life

In my pantry is a framed poster of a teddy bear dressed in a pink, terry-cloth robe leaning into the refrigerator late at night.  On the open refrigerator door, with her derrière sticking out, is a note that says, “Food Is My Life!”  I bought this poster because, well,  food is my life!

I have always enjoyed eating food, cooking, going to the grocery store, finding new restaurants, reading cookbooks, watching cooking shows. . . you get the picture!

I grew up in a home where dinner was served every day at 5:30,  when my dad walked in the front door from work.   My mom was a great cook!  My love for all things food came from her.  She introduced me and all my siblings to all different kinds of foods from many different cultures.  Getting the flavors just right was  one of her trademarks.

Mom was a great experimenter and could go to almost any restaurant and come home and recreate the dish she had eaten.  I have the same passion as my mom.  I love good food and I love making and recreating foods I have eaten.

I started this blog in 2009 for my children, friends and family.  It seemed like people were always asking me for the recipes for the dishes I would bring to a party, dinner or lunch.  It became a lot easier for me to post the recipes on this blog  and send the link when I received a text.

As I continued to post recipes and pictures, created in my kitchen, many other people asked me to make this blog public and share it with them.  I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoy making them!